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100201 style Billand Mattie Allen130301 Anon owners, Sweet Sparkman, John Wheeler130401 Kim Githler131001 Joel Morganroth, Carl Abbott131201 Gary Spencer and Guy Peterson140301 Elliott Himelfarb and Janet Minker, Jonathan Parks140501 Anon owner, Ralph Twitchell140901 Christine and Scott Key, Jerry Sparkman141001 Carl Abbott150201 Joan Peterson, Guy Peterson160801 Marie and Tom Dowdy161101 Teddy and Sheba Matheu170101 Mark and Kim Standish170201 Connie and Michael Lang111101 Rich and Melissa Hall, Guy Peterson120701 Bob and Shannon Gault121101 Ann Darling, Carl Abbott101001 Karl and Ricky Newkirk100201 Dr Steven Miley110101 Michael and Shelly Sylvestri