Encore Resorts

We were given the assignment of photographing the interiors of the new clubhouse as the exterior was not quite finished.  Encore at Reunion features a huge clubhouse with concierge services, restaurants, food pantry, kids game room and much more.  Behind the clubhouse is a full size water park.  Located just west of the Disney complex Encore offers rental homes as well as homes for sale.

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Architect Toshiko Mori's modern design in Sarasota, Florida

Architect Toshiko Mori has had a distinguished career both in the practice of architecture and in teaching, whether at Cooper Union’s school of architecture, Harvard or Yale. Her firm, based in New York, is responsible for a broad range of work, including New York City theater and library projects, institutional projects for Brown and Syracuse universities, and the award-winning Visitor Center at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House compound in Buffalo, N.Y.  Here in Sarasota she designed an addition to a residence designed by Paul Rudolph in 1957.  We were honored to receive the commission to document the project.  The compound consists of the original house on the southern end of the property along with a guest house, also designed by Toshiko Mori Architect, to the north. The Addition is tucked into the southeast corner of the property and runs parallel to Sarasota Bay. The addition is attached to the existing residence only by a thin translucent canopy that creates a breezeway between the original house and the addition. The ground floor of the addition houses a kitchen and a large dining area that opens up to the pool area. A Master bedroom, bath, and an open terrace are located on the second floor.