Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography: Blog en-us (C) Greg Wilson 2022 (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography: Blog 120 120 An iconic office building in Sarasota known for its striking modern design We were given the assignment to photograph the CAST Building, an iconic office building in Sarasota known for its striking modern design.  Tampa-based Alfonso Architects built the energy-efficient property in 2003. It has won numerous architectural awards, including the American Institute of Architects’ State of Florida Design Award of Excellence, and the American Institute of Architects’ Tampa Bay Chapter Design Merit Award “Best Modern Building in Florida.”  Built primarily from concrete, raw steel and high-impact-resistant glass, the north-to-south facing property features an open-air office environment designed to capture natural light throughout the building while keeping temperatures cool. Two large suites include ample, flexible office and meeting space.  The building also includes a theater and full kitchen.

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The Devonshire at PGA National 090810 devonshire-1090810 devonshire-1 090810 devonshire-2090810 devonshire-2 090810 devonshire-3090810 devonshire-3 090810 devonshire-4090810 devonshire-4 090810 devonshire-5090810 devonshire-5 090810 devonshire-6090810 devonshire-6 090810 devonshire-7090810 devonshire-7 090810 devonshire-8090810 devonshire-8 090810 devonshire-9090810 devonshire-9 090810 devonshire-10090810 devonshire-10 090810 devonshire-11090810 devonshire-11 090810 devonshire-12090810 devonshire-12 090810 devonshire-13090810 devonshire-13 090810 devonshire-14090810 devonshire-14 090810 devonshire-15090810 devonshire-15 090810 devonshire-16090810 devonshire-16 090810 devonshire-17090810 devonshire-17 090810 devonshire-18090810 devonshire-18 090810 devonshire-19090810 devonshire-19 090810 devonshire-20090810 devonshire-20 090810 devonshire-21090810 devonshire-21 090810 devonshire-22090810 devonshire-22 Built on 26 picturesque acres within prestigious PGA National, Devonshire is Palm Beach Gardens’ premier address for catered retirement living. No other South Florida retirement community offers so many impressive benefits, including PGA National Resort and Spa, where residents enjoy corporate membership privileges.  This is definitely a retirement community designed specifically for those who can afford to live lavishly.

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Style Magazine Another extravagant home photographed for Style Magazine

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Riverview Theater Plus The Riverview Movieplex features floor-to-ceiling, 60-foot wide screens similar to IMAX.  The auditoriums are equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system that can project noise from behind the viewer and emit bass frequencies that you feel in your seat.  Those seats are recliner chairs in the stadium sloped design.  The whole experience is complimented by Features gastro-pub and restaurant.

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Views of the intercoastal from virtually every space. This home with Style has views of the intercoastal from virtually every space.  Architect Randy Sample working with the lay of the land rather than bulldozing a lot flat designed the exterior of the residence.  As a result the home doesn't have a bad angle of view.  No matter where you stand the view is stunning and invites more study.  For the designing the interior the residents flew in Architect Walter Jennings of Fayetteville, AK who believes in creating a harmony between the building and its natural surroundings with a generous use of natural light.  As such he maximized the views of the intercoastal.  The builder was Ryan Perrone of Nautilus Homes, who specialize in the construction of luxury waterfront homes.  

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Architect Gary Hoyt's Inspired Design of Patriot Plaza Designed by Hoyt Architects Patriot Plaza within Sarasota National Cemetery is an 85,000 sq ft assembly space. The design emphasizes transparency and open sight lines. Sweeping curvilinear canopies of translucent glass rise 50 ft and protect the 2800 seat amphitheater and 60 foot rostrum. Three entrances feed into circulation paths along which art installations tell stories in a palette of white stone, colorful mosaics and bronze. Small spaces along the paths allow visitors to step off to contemplate the artful design. Landscape transitions from outer, park-like green space to structured, paved inner core.  Our nation's national cemeteries are the final resting places for men and women who served our country with unmatched valor. 

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Luxury Retirement Communities Coast to Coast With the collapse of the economy in 2007 our primary clients went into bankruptcy and finally most of them went completely out of business.  For over 20 years we had been crisscrossing the states photographing model homes for national builders.  We were forced to reinvent ourselves and looked to the retirement market as an average of 10,000 people reach retirement age per day.  That decision proved to be a good one as we have been assigned to photograph nearly 100 communities across the US.  More and more communities are marketing themselves as Retirement Resorts and adding amenities to attract people who are still healthy and active.  We have an entire portfolio devoted to Retirement Communities.  Below is just a sampling of some of those communities from Coast to Coast. 

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January 2017 Style Magazine Feature Some of the images were published in the January 2017 issue of Style Magazine.  This contemporary home designed by Architect Philip Skirball is home to some fabulous modern art pieces and furniture designed by Interior Designer Pamela Hughes.  The view from the street is very private with a minimum of windows but the bayside is all about glass and openness.

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Hoyt Architects One Palm We were given the commission by Hoyt Architects to capture one of the newest additions to Sarasota's skyline.  Located at the corner of Ringling Boulevard and Palm Avenue, One Palm is a Mixed-Use tower incorporating a ground floor Hotel lobby with signature lounge, restaurant and retail space. Upper levels comprise of 141 luxury Apartments.  The Aloft Hotel offers a tech-savvy design, with innovative amenities and bar.


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Architect Carl Abbott Design The Dolphin House Designed by the Iconic Architect Carl Abbott located on beautiful Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida.  Carl Abbott is an original practitioner of the Sarasota School of Architecture. Over the four decades of his Sarasota practice, Abbott has adapted the thinking behind Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture to designs appropriate to the subtropics.  After studying under Paul Rudolph at Yale University, Abbott received his master’s degree in architecture in 1962. After beginning his practice in Hawaii, he went on to work with I.M. Pei in New York City, and was an original member of TEAM4 in London with his Yale classmates, Richard Rogers and Norman Foster. In the 1960s, Abbott opened his firm in Sarasota, where he soon became a recognized exponent of the Sarasota School of Architecture.

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California Interior Designer Rich Starley's elegant interior of a Sarasota, Florida bayfront condo. Project photographed for Long Beach, California Interior Designer Rich Starley

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Guy Peterson's Perforated Modern Design Another of Architect Guy Peterson's incredible modern designs.  This particular design caused quite a bit of dialogue both for and against.  The home was built in one of Sarasota's older neighborhoods and many of the residents objected to the modern design in what is predominantly mediterranean revival area.  None the less we had great fun photographing it.

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Modern Design smartly incorporated into a historical neighborhood. Once again Guy Peterson has found a way to incorporate modern design into an existing neighborhood with stunning 


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University of South Florida's Sundome Art, Communications and Environmental Graphic Design Guru's Selbert Perkins Design graphics in and on the USF 

Sundome in Tampa, Florida.


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Casey Key Pagoda Builder Joe Jannopoulo and Landscape Architect Michael Gilkey partnered on building an incredible oriental Pagoda

Garden in the middle of Casey Key Florida.

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Modern Design on Lido Key. Architects Michael Halflants & John Pichette modern redesign of a Lido Key residence.

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Charlotte County Florida's new library Sweet Sparkman Architects modern design for a Charlotte County Florida's new library.

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Peterson and Young combine their considerable talents to remodel the Motto Residence. Guy Peterson and David Young combined forces in this remodel of a Sarasota residence.

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Bell Channelside Documenting the remodeled Channelside apartments in Tampa Florida for Bell Partners.

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Annapolis Maryland While in Maryland photographing interiors and lifestyle vignettes of an upscale Retirement Community.  We were asked to capture some images that would give an overall impression of life in Annapolis Maryland.

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Architect Guy Peterson's Modern Design on Palm Island Documenting Guy Peterson's design made up for the irritating ferry boat access to Palm Island.

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Carl Abbott Design Legendary architect Carl Abbott design on Siesta Key.

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Architect Clifford Scholz's traditional design on Bird Key Cliff's designs are always a blend of opulence and comfortable livability.

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Michael Saunders Multi Million Dollar Listing Unique design on the Sarasota bayfront, this 10,879 square ft. home was a delight to photograph.

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Architect Jonathan Parks Architect Jonathan Parks designed this residence for the builders own home.  The collaboration created another live in work of art.

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Lecom Dental College

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Landscape Architect David Young Landscape Architect David Young was asked to solve some drainage problems as well as creating some aesthetically interesting landscaping and water features around the entire residence.

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SRQ Magazine Assignment This was an assignment from SRQ Magazine that caught us at the last moment before we left for a week long assignment in Pennsylvania.  Sure happy we were able to accommodate as it was a beautiful and interesting residence.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Bird Key Florida Sarasota magazine Wed, 12 Dec 2012 19:01:42 GMT
Michael Walker builder extraordinaire

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Michael Saunders Real Estate Listing We don't do many real estate listings but once in a while we are given the opportunity to photograph a unique property.  This modern home was a pleasure to photograph as every room was tastefully decorated and of course the modern architecture is art itself.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Florida Sarasota mo modern architecture real estate Wed, 12 Dec 2012 19:01:16 GMT
Architect Michael Epstein Architect Michael Epstein designed this compact residence with the owners art collection and work at home studio in mind.  Peaceful courtyards and swimming pool adds a calm that is conducive to the outstanding creative work produced by one of the owners.

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Mid-Century Modernist
Carl Abbot designed this home as an homage to the owners husband Sumner Darling, one of the founding pioneers of the mid century Florida School of Modernist Architecture.  Abbot took full advantage of the unique property to design this home in three pods that interconnect with a common wall.  He also continued the use of bringing the exterior into the home and vice versa.  It was an honor to be chosen to document this architecture.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Florida Sarasota School architect modern Thu, 29 Nov 2012 03:04:13 GMT
Barron Schimberg Contemporary Remodel Architect Barron Schimberg has skillfully blended the existing asian influence of this beautiful Sarasota Florida home with his modern design concepts.  The final result has received rave reviews from not only the homeowner but the community at large.

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Photographer's Eclectic Home This assignment was to photograph my friend Steven Katzman's home for a magazine article.  Steven is a self-taught photographer who has combined, over the years his long-time interest in political science with his photographic journey. Although he does not work from anyone’s theories on the appropriate direction for contemporary art, most of his photographs exemplify the post modernist notion that to be relevant to the final quarter of the 20th century, art needs to be political in nature. Steven is, however, an artist, not a propagandist. Consequently, his images are not overtly political: the viewer must take time to think about each photograph to arrive at its ultimate message.  The home is full of not only Stevens work but other significant artists as well.

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House of Curves Architect Robert Rokop and Anne Folsom Smith designed the home as a study in circles.  Exterior has parabolas of a sweeping stairway with arched African mahogany doors with a semicircle of translucent glass that form a complete circle when closed.  Interior also has it's share of curvilinear forms.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Sarasota architect architecture florida interior design Tue, 14 Aug 2012 02:57:07 GMT
Big Easy Style on the Florida Gulf Coast Architect Jerry Sparkman of Totems Architecture, Laurel Phipps of Retreat Interiors and Mike Adams of Third Coast Construction combined efforts to create a New Orleans style home on the intercoastal waterway in Sarasota, Florida.  Complete with shutters on the windows, a wrought-iron gate, flickering gas lanterns a carriage house and the steep slate roof give off the feel of the big easy.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) New Orleans Sarasota architect builder Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:25:32 GMT
Contemporary Police Department We were given the assignment of documenting the Sarasota, Florida police department's new headquarters.  The inventive use of the glass skin landed the supplier on the cover of Glass Magazine.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Police Sarasota public buildings Mon, 13 Aug 2012 20:54:11 GMT
Award Winning Contemporary Compound on Casey Key, Florida Jerry Sparkman of Totems Architecture designed an award winning guest house for the owners to live in while construction was taking place on the main house he also designed. The properties trees were left untouched throughout the process providing a beautiful hammock on one side of the main house contrasting with the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Michael Walker & Associates was the builder given the responsibility of bringing this vision to life. Walker's attention to the smallest details is evident throughout the homes. Even the reveals around every door and window are absolutely parallel without exception. The home is contemporary in design but materials and furnishings create a warmth and lived in atmosphere rarely found in modern architecture.

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Fairfield Hotel Lakewood Ranch, Florida This hotel is one of many holdings of the Steinbrenner family.  We have provided photography for all their hotels and they have consistently won awards for their properties.  The general manager was appreciative of our ability to provide them with a digitally resurfaced parking lot.

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Devonshire at PGA National Retirement Lifestyle Luxury on 26 panoramic acres at Devonshire, the ultimate in deluxe senior living, within beautiful PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. In every detail, from the welcoming valet who parks your car to the friendly receptionist who takes care of your concierge services, Devonshire fulfills the retirement dream.  You might travel to the world’s great cities to find services, entertainment and dining so lavish and intriguing, or a Fitness Center and outdoor activities so comprehensive.


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Princeton, New Jersey Retirement Lifestyle Springpoint has established the retirement community of Stonebridge at Montgomery in close proximity to Princeton University.  The wonderful result has resulted in Princeton professors giving guest lectures on occasion and the Pro Musica chorus rehearsing performances in their large auditorium.  That's on top of the beautifully tended grounds and wooded trails the residents enjoy.  An enviable residence for anyone, at any age!

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Vero Beach Retirement Lifestyle ACTS Retirement-Life Communities, the parent company of Indian River Estates has had us photograph all 23 of their Retirement Communities in 8 states.  This was a return engagement to document the grand opening of the continuing care facility on the campus of Indian River West.  Refined Florida retirement lifestyle on a large 100-acre site, expertly landscaped campus, shared with sister community Indian River Estates East. Located just 10 miles from the beach, and with all of Vero Beach’s cultural and entertainment attractions nearby.  The WillowBrooke Court addition follows a nationwide movement to make senior care more homelike, where residents live in “households” and share a kitchen, dining room and living room. Other features include flexible schedules and activities, enhanced dining options, as well as larger living spaces and activity areas that promote socialization.

Residents at Indian River Estates donated more than $3 million toward the expansion at the continuing care retirement community that features a new model of senior care widely lauded within the healthcare industry for its person-centered service delivery and architectural design.  A very cool design that feels more like a 5 star hotel than a retirement community.

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Interior Designers Budget Sophisticated Design Interior designer John Flemming created an interesting and sophisticated interior space on a shoestring for a national builder.  I thought it was remarkable enough to go on the blog.  Really nice work!

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) design florida interior modern architecture Wed, 08 Aug 2012 20:57:50 GMT
Longboat Key Traditional We were privileged to document another stunning residence designed by noted architect Clifford M. Scholz.  Cliff's sense of design and clear-cut goals have guided his firm and created a national reputation for quality and excellence.  To say nothing of a cadre of satisfied homeowners.  Cliffs work has been featured in several national publications from Traditional Home to Florida Architecture.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) archtecture florida Wed, 08 Aug 2012 20:13:24 GMT
St Petersburg Florida Elementary School Ajax Building Corporation asked us to document another school for them.  The Lynch Elementary School project was a replacement elementary school on the existing campus.  The project included the construction of 6 new buildings totaling approximately 81,948 sf.  These buildings included a 2-story administration building, resource/art building, cafeteria/multi-purpose building, 2-story 16 classroom building, 2-story 12 classroom building and a flammable storage building.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Florida modern architecture school Wed, 08 Aug 2012 19:47:12 GMT
Private Island Retreat The island is sited in Pine Island Sound, where several estuaries converge and create exceptional boating and fishing.  The island’s central feature is the original manor house, a luxurious Spanish-style villa built in the mid-1920s for well-known inventor Charles Burgess and masterfully restored and expanded by its current owner. The well-appointed rooms of this estate have been carefully planned to capture the island’s best views and gentle sea breezes, while providing all of today’s modern conveniences. The estate is designed to accommodate guests comfortably with a self-contained three bedroom guest wing, separated by an open breezeway and accessed by a private entrance.  100+ acres of private island prized for its location, coveted for its privacy.  Luxurious Spanish-style villa built in the 1920's & lovingly restored.  Private guest quarters.  Adjacent Old-Florida Village featuring caretaker's cottage, additional guest retreat, gracious pool and pavilion, informal history museum and lushly landscaped terraces.  Numerous water features including cascading waterfall, koi pond, and lagoon.  Tropical coquina-shelled road encircling the island leading to a tennis court and connecting to a nature trail

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) florida island spanish style Wed, 08 Aug 2012 19:24:54 GMT
Palm Island Innovation Our client for this interesting project was David Young a brilliant landscape architect.  The architect was Thomas Denzinger of Charleston, SC.  Set in a maritime forest of a coastal barrier island the site is a small peninsula surrounded on three sides by tidal wetlands.  The home has expansive views of the Gulf of Mexico and a private beach.  The second story pool has glass bottom windows that illuminate the walk through ground floor to the beach.  Interesting use of layers and textures.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) florida landscaping modern architecture Wed, 08 Aug 2012 16:50:09 GMT
California Retirement Lifestyle The Covington and The Canterbury are both located in south LA.  The Canterbury is tucked away in the rolling hills of Rancho Palos Verdes, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and thrilling Southern California views.  The Covington in Aliso Viejo is the premier continuing care retirement community in South Orange County, CA. From its beautiful site, you can enjoy stunning Saddleback Mountain panoramas.  We have been to both of these communities twice as they have continued to remodel and upgrade.


]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) angeles california community lifestyle los retirement Wed, 08 Aug 2012 14:41:58 GMT
Opulent Lifestyle on Siesta Key It's pretty rare that we shoot for a Realtor but this one was an exception.  Located on a beach front property on the North end of Siesta Key this home was one of the most opulently decorated properties we've documented in Sarasota.  From the muraled ceilings to the hot tub on the roof this one was over the top.


]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) Sarasota Siesta Key interior design Tue, 07 Aug 2012 22:29:00 GMT
Meta Interiors This shoot was for Interior Designer Chantal Spanicciati of Meta Interiors in Venice Califorinia.  Chantal wanted a soft monochromatic look which we were able to produce after a couple of revisions.  Talented designer with an interesting blog worth checking out.


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Lido Key Modern Masterwork This month's assignment from Style Magazine was to document Architect Don Chapell's personal dream home.  Although Chapell did not live to see the completion of the home it was finished to his original specs and is a masterpiece of design and function.  Even the photos don't do it justice.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) architect florida keys modern architecture Sat, 07 Apr 2012 22:47:19 GMT
Casey Key Modern Architecture This assignment was on behalf of Custom Builder Michael Walker and Architect Guy Peterson.  Built on the north end of Casey Key the home is Functional Sculpture in every facet.  Peterson's inventive methods take full advantage of the gulf views on the west and the preserved old oak trees on the east.  Coupled with Walker's craftsmanship and incredible attention to even the smallest detail made it a pleasure to document this important residence.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) custom builder florida keys modern architecture Sun, 01 Apr 2012 22:24:00 GMT
Marathon Key Resort This month we were given the assignment to update one of Singh Properties websites with new photos of the now mature landscaping and redesigned accommodations. In addition to Tranquility Bay's secluded private beach, it has a large lushly landscaped lagoon style swimming pool and a second adults only pool surrounded by towering palms. Quiet and peaceful was the feeling throughout the resort.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) florida hotel keys resort Thu, 01 Mar 2012 21:16:00 GMT
Bird Key Modern This assignment was pure pleasure to document with it's strong angles, zen like courtyard and water features. Additionally with the location of the property being Bird Key in Sarasota, it made shooting close to home possible for a change. Very cool modern design courtesy of architect Guy Peterson and landscape architect David Young.





]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) keys modern architecture sarasota Wed, 01 Feb 2012 22:12:00 GMT
Delaware's Resort Style Retirement Living Earlier this year we were given the commission to photograph ACTS Resort Style Retirement Community in Delaware. Cokesbury Village is 60 acres of colorful gardens, rolling lawns, native woodlands, clustered neighborhoods and public spaces that create an idyllic village setting. Residents enjoy a long list of opportunities and the cultural riches available in nearby Wilmington and Philadelphia.

]]> (Greg Wilson Architectural & Interior Photography) delaware modern architecture retirement retirement living Sun, 01 Jan 2012 22:55:00 GMT