Architect Gary Hoyt's Inspired Design of Patriot Plaza

Designed by Hoyt Architects Patriot Plaza within Sarasota National Cemetery is an 85,000 sq ft assembly space. The design emphasizes transparency and open sight lines. Sweeping curvilinear canopies of translucent glass rise 50 ft and protect the 2800 seat amphitheater and 60 foot rostrum. Three entrances feed into circulation paths along which art installations tell stories in a palette of white stone, colorful mosaics and bronze. Small spaces along the paths allow visitors to step off to contemplate the artful design. Landscape transitions from outer, park-like green space to structured, paved inner core.  Our nation's national cemeteries are the final resting places for men and women who served our country with unmatched valor. 

Luxury Retirement Communities Coast to Coast

With the collapse of the economy in 2007 our primary clients went into bankruptcy and finally most of them went completely out of business.  For over 20 years we had been crisscrossing the states photographing model homes for national builders.  We were forced to reinvent ourselves and looked to the retirement market as an average of 10,000 people reach retirement age per day.  That decision proved to be a good one as we have been assigned to photograph nearly 100 communities across the US.  More and more communities are marketing themselves as Retirement Resorts and adding amenities to attract people who are still healthy and active.  We have an entire portfolio devoted to Retirement Communities.  Below is just a sampling of some of those communities from Coast to Coast.